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frequently asked questions

All influencer registered to our app have over 1,000 followers with public accounts and are regulated to make sure their followers are genuine. They range from micro-infleuncers, to global names you might have caught on your telly from time-to-time.

Socialight has been developed over a number of years and offers features that are useful for small, medium and BIG brands, including agencies working on behalf of other organisations.

Socialight is specifically designed for hospitality and leisure brands who offer fantastic experiences. This includes, restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels, attractions, events and holidays. We also work with food & drink product based businesses as well.

No. Socialight believe in, and wish to encourage authentic promotion. All collaborations are based upon an exchange only basis. This means, any collaboration organised through Socialight is based upon a genuine interest between the influencer and the brand.

The influencers you choose to collaborate with on your campaign will post their content over the channels you have specified.

As part of encouraging authentic promotion, we do not allow brands to dictate what influencers can and can’t post. We provide brands plenty of tools and information about influencers before they commit to working together to provide a clear idea about the expected quality of content.

Yes, all content generated by influencers through Socialight is legally licensed to you for your own use, providing you credit the influencer when doing so.

Socialight has a rating and review system to hold influencers accountable when working with brands through Socialight. After having worked with on a campaign, brands are able to submit their feedback, which encourages influencers to remain professional, follow through with their obligations and create great content!

Socialight’s Campaign Builder guides you through the exchange process to make sure you’re always providing an appropriate amount. You can use one of our templates to make life easy, or, you can build your campaign from scratch. But don’t worry, we’ve got clever indicators to show you if you’re giving too much, or not enough.

Based on what you’re willing to provide the influencer as part of their experience will dictate what they will do for you in return. You have the ability to request images, videos, blogs, and even reviews in exchange.

Once your campaign has been set up, your campaign goes live on our app, which is made exclusively for influencers. From there, relevant influencers will be notified and encouraged to apply to work with you, should they be interested. Once they’ve applied, you can accept or decline the ones most suitable to you.

A Campaign is the focus of your promotion. This could be centred around a new menu, a new offer, a recent opening, or more broadly, boasting about how good your brand is.

Based on your chosen package, your campaign is able to last either 30, 60 or 90 days. The length of time takes in to consideration how many influencers you wish to work with and maintaining interest in your campaign from the influencers’ perspective. 

We recommend 6 – 10 influencers for SME’s. 10+ influencers for big announcements. 6 or below if you’re new to influencer marketing.

Yes! When an influencer signs up to Socialight, they agree to give Socialight access to publicly available data about their followers. This means we know which ones are robots, where they are from, their age groups, and even their interests based on other accounts they follow and engage with. We present all this information to you when choosing which influencers to work with on your campaign.

Our Pro packages offer email support and those working with a large amount of influencers offer a tailored onboarding process along with an account manager to help your campaign maximise its success.